This week, Uzel Mechanics workers who stand for their rights for 13 years organized a press briefing in front of the Istanbul Çağlayan Justice Palace demanding justice concerning their labour.

Uzel Mechanics workers held a press manifestation, following this meeting the workers delivered petition demanding for their salaries, to the Enforcement Offices Department at the Istanbul Çağlayan Courthouse.

Chairperson of Transport Workers Union, Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu made a statement before the petition was delivered, he said “I respectfully salute the workers who are continuously struggling for their legal right to compensation. Today we are here for the fight for bread and justice”.


One of the biggest industrial operations Uzel Mechanics Factory in Istanbul's Edirnekapı which began production of the first locally produced tractors in Turkey in 1960s has been forced to declare bankruptcy in 2008.

Following the bankruptcy decision taken at the end of 2013, in the factory which commenced transferring process 5-year salaries and compensations of 2200 workers has not been paid in the last 13 years.  

Workers who have been on resistance for 13 years, have now decided to take up the struggle one more time to the courthouse. Workers had begun to trussle for their rights in front of the factory in Edirnekapı under Transport Workers Union’s leadership that is in connection with DİSK Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions.  

Translated by Ebrar Başyiğit.