Furkan Foundation members in Adana attempted to hold a mass prayer session on the evening of May 21. During the police intervention 13 were detained.

Islamist Furkan Foundation that has been requesting mass prayers to be reinstated despite coronavirus measures, attempted to hold a Ramadan evening prayer with 13 people claiming to mind social distance measures in Adana. Leader of the foundation Alparslan Kuytul claimed "they are trying to make Turkey a dictatorship with the excuse of the virus; everything is banned. We will not let Maoist communists turn our country into Eastern Turkey."


The foundation members criticize Covid-19 measures saying "mosques are closed, prayers are banned, our holidays are declared curfew but shopping malls are open, what is the reason for keeping the economy but pressuring people to give up on their religion?" Government sponsored internet trolls targeted the religious foundation claiming it is an infiltrator that aims to create chaos through stunts like the prayer gatherings despite the ban against social gatherings.