Security Directorate General made a purchase of 1 million rubber bullets, raising the question of whether the police is preparing for a massive social unrest in coming period.

Sözcü Daily's Çiğdem Toker penned an article in her column today bringing the Security Directorate General's purchase of 1 million rubber bullets through tendering processes. In these tenderings, Toker wrote that large number of gas canisters, tear gas, grenades, hinged batons and 1 million rubber bullets were purchased.


In her column, Toker wtote "when looking at the contents of the tendering processes, one cannot help but wonder if there is expected a massive scale social unrest in the country." In recent days, the agenda had been filled with cases of police violence as the police officers and nightwatch were caught on camera using excessive force against citizens. Equipping police forces even further might cause the society to name reactions.

Security Directorate General's tenderings scheduled between June 15-25:

June 15: 40.000 police jackets, 40.000 nightwatch jackets June 15: 40.000 police winter coats, 40.000 nightwatch winter coats June 18: 103.500 OC tear gas (100ml) June 18: 5.000 assault grenades June 19: 44.000 hinged batons June 22: 250.000 rifle bullets of 338 cal. June 24: 10.000 vehicle mortar for smoke bombs June 24: 1 million armor piercing projectiles of 5.56 X 45mm June 25: 1 million rubber bullets of 5.56 X 45mm with polymer heads June 25: 10.000 show grenades