MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli made a statement, "Reinstating the death penalty in our legislation may deter the commitment of heinous and primitive crimes."

Government's far right ally Nationalist Movement Party MHP's leader Devlet Bahçeli called for death penalty to be reinstated as a deterrent against increasing crime rates. Bahçeli said "in our legislation, if we bring back death penalty it may deter the commitment of heinous and primitive crimes. MHP is not keen on death penalty, but it is clear that there is no other option for the success of the fight against crimes and criminals that cross the border of fear.”


MHP Chair Devlet Bahçeli stated the following in his written statement: "Turkey has been struggling with widespread and intense problem area. At the same time, our country has been displaying a stance and struggle with heroism and determination. In Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, Turkey has been showing a tremendous resistance to the aggressive ambitions of Greece, France and some other countries in the region. Turkey has been standing next to the rightfulness and the law and against the terrorists and invaders. The dangerous tension and polarization which is full of threat in the field of foreign policy has been making all kinds of possibilities open."


“Our right to intervene uncompromisingly against hostility and treason is, of course, a requirement of both international law and sovereign state law. While there is such a tense agenda on the one hand, there is an overwhelming increase in cases of violence, murder, harassment, and rape on the other. The table we see is alarming. The most serious crimes that we have been witnessing every day in media, have been shocking the people. Third pages [criminal news] of newspapers, television screens, websites, and social media platforms are overflowing with disastrous and formidable news. " “In addition to violence against women, the abduction of children in broad daylight, the victims of brutality and even sexual abuse, while hurting the conscience, also causes great sadness and disappointment. Despite the extraordinary efforts of our government and especially our Minister of Internal Affairs; the occurrence of violence, armed fights and disputes arising from the smallest cause seriously disturbs the social peace and mood."


“Non-governmental organizations, universities, moral ‘national’ intellectuals must show sensitivity to this painful situation. The ruthless murder of small children, breastfed babies, and young people whose mustache has not yet sweated, grieves and shakes everyone who says "I am human". Ignoring the murders of our innocent children reflected in the media every other day and the deaths of women disguised as suicide is incompatible with neither human responsibilities nor our understanding of belief and culture. Silence to persecution is cruelty. It is not possible to continue with this dark picture."


“With the opening of the Parliament on October 1, 2020, the rightful expectation of our nation must be resolved by the consensus of the reverend deputies. The baby killers, perverts, scoundrels, rapists should be punished for what they deserve. The Nationalist Movement Party is not so interested in death penalty. However, it is clear that there is no other way and option in the process that we have passed through in order to achieve success in the fight against crime and criminals who have crossed the border of fear." "Turkey is a fully independent country. Our country will not accept any shadow over its decision and will. The principle of proportionality will be adhered to the implementation of the death penalty. The balance and proportion of the given penalty with the crime committed will be established. Thus, the flood of violence and horror will be prevented.”