dokuz8NEWS held a training session in Istanbul in collaboration with the Social Economic Political Research Foundation of Turkey (TÜSES) on "New Media & Citizen Journalism Training for Civil Society". During the training program there were held sessions on many topics that civil society organizations should be proficient in.

During the 58th three day training program organized by dokuz8NEWS there were 30 representatives from Istanbul, Kars, Çanakkale, Gölcük, Muğla and Bursa. TÜSES General Secretary Gazi Örer and dokuz8NEWS founding director Gökhan Biçici started the training program with an opening speech, and continued with Biçici's session on "Citizen Journalism, Alternative Media practices in Turkey and the World, and dokuz8NEWS Practices." The session on "What is News?" was given by Güventürk Görgülü of Istanbul's Bilgi University, followed by corporate communications specialist Sevda Yüzbaşıoğlu on "Media Reach in Digital Age for Civil Society" and digital communications specialist Kenan Dursun's "Social Media for Journalists and Citizen Journalists: Third Party Tools". On the second day of the training session was held "Verification & Fact-Checking" session by dokuz8NEWS digital and data editor, Onur Metin; followed by "First Aid for Journalists" in collaboration with Social Disaster Platform Association, and the day ended with "Municipal Journalism and Local Sources, Examples" by journalist Ezgi Çapa. On day three of the training program, Dr. Serap Altekin gave a session on "Trauma Journalism: Cases of Violence, Sexual Abuse and Suicide, common mistakes in news coverage and ethical violations" followed by lawyer Ceren Kalı's "IT Law and Press Law: Press Freedom in Turkey". The training program ended with an evaluation meeting and certificate ceremony.