‘Social Gender and Rights Oriented Alternative Media & Citizen Journalism training’ welcomed local journalists, citizen journalists, women organization representatives, associations for the disabled, municipal employees from Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Safranbolu, Kastamonu and lasted for three days.

dokuz8NEWS Black Sea Region Training which took place between 26-28 June 2019, began with the opening presentation of Gökhan Biçici, one of the founders of dokuz8NEWS. Biçici, who narrated the dokuz8NEWS history and experiences, informed participants about the preparation works for the upcoming period. After the opening, Onur Metin and Gökhan Biçici started the training which titled as ‘Social Media Tools for Journalists and Citizen Journalists.’ In the application-oriented training, Twitter-based features and applications, which dokuz8NEWS accepted as the main channel, was introduced. After the training of social media tools, ‘Data verification in Digital Age’ training was held. Practice-oriented data verification methods and tools were introduced in the section which begins with the title ‘Fabricated News in Digital Age and Data Verification’ content of the concept and expression of the development. On the second day of the training, Istanbul chair of Turkish Psychologists Association and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Serap Altekin has given her training session on ‘Trauma Journalism: Common mistakes in the language and ethical violation in the violence, sexual abuse, and suicide news.’


Dr. Altekin instructed participants on “Occupational burnout, secondary traumatization, and self-care in journalists and citizen journalism” after a section that proceeded as productive discussion with the intensive participation of participants. On the second day, mobile-oriented video journalism training was held in the afternoon. On the third and last day of the training, the dokuz8NEWS training program began with the training in ‘journalism in the center of the local government’ added as a new module after the 31 March 2019 elections. The training provided by Journalist Ezgi Çapa, proceeded with examples from the locality of Samsun as well as general examples. During the training, Norwegian-Turkish Director Nefise Ozkal Lorentzen's short film made in 2017 “Those who Love” was screened as well.


The second training within the scope of the project supported by the Canadian Embassy in Ankara, will be held in Adana in September 2019. Interested participants are invited to fill out an open application form in Turlish to participate in the training program actualized with a gender quota of fifty percent. Translated by Atakan Hüyük