In the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands a person has started firing a gun in tram killing 3 people. Dutch police released a photo of Gökmen Tanış who is thought to be the suspect.

With 3 dead and 9 wounded, alert levels in the Netherlands has been increased to level of terror attack. 37 year old Gökmen Tanış of Turkish descent has been announced as the suspect. The attack has taken place at 10.45 with local time near Oudenrijn Hospital close to October 24 Square in Utrecht. Police operation is targeting a building on Trumanlaan where the assailant is thought to be hiding, and anti-terror specialists have been deployed to the site, while helicopters are observing the premises from air.


According to BBC Turkish's reporting, tram lines in Utrecht have been stopped, schools have been shut down for the day and mosques have been evicted for security reasons. Alert level has been increased to highest. Police spokesperson Bernard Jens announced that the warnings of another attack possibility does not reflect the reality and there is no information on it.


37 year old Gökmen Tanış has been announced to be the suspect behind the attack. A Turkish businessperson living in Utrecht has announced to BBC Turkish that Tanış is born in the Turkish city of Yozgat on July 2, 1981 and had previously fought in Chechnia. He also added that Tanış had been arrested for potential links to ISIS but was released before, "he was mostly on his own, without much interaction with the Turkish community" he added.