Review based on a real experience of immigration with the help of immigration company, named Laweius

Why did I choose Laweius? Review based on a real experience


Slovenya kimlik kartının Laweius'a kaydedilmesi. Gerçek müşteriden inceleme

Immigration to Europe is not an easy task. Without knowledge of the legal law and correct paperwork, your applications will be refused in any EU country, as it happened to me. I'm a businessman who owns a sporting goods store. I needed citizenship to enter the European market, open my store there and significantly increase my income from sales in a year. After 2 years of constant tries and wasting money, I started checking other immigrants’ reviews. That is how I found Laweius, an immigration company, that helps people apply for European citizenship. With its support, European passport became mine in 7 months. Now I want to leave feedback about this organization and make a brief review, to help other immigrants become citizens.

How I chose an immigration company

Choosing a trustworthy company is essential. Its main tasks are providing clients with confidentiality, legal support and fast results. That is important, but my main criterium for picking a law agency was its reputation amongst other immigrants. The best way to discover what people feel about the company is to read their reviews. Clients’ personal experience holds essential information about services quality and legality. I checked countless reviews about different immigration companies. Some agencies were good enough, but not trustworthy. After a week of investigations, I chose Laweius as my migration agency.

Most of Laweius reviews were positive and seemed reliable. Numberless people were talking about obtaining EU citizenship or residence in the shortest terms and quality of service. Some of the Laweius reviews were not great, but that gave it credibility. In comparison, reviews about other companies 100% positive. Trusting such firms is unreasonable. In my opinion, decision to choose Laweius was smart. In conclusion, I chose immigration agency using reviews.

What kind of immigration services Laweius provides

After double checking the information on Laweius official website about immigration, reviews and services it provides, I called this company and agreed for a consultation. This procedure granted me a great personal experience. Experts told me everything I needed to know about EU citizenship obtainment. They analyzed my situation and suggested repatriation method for me. We discussed every step and I became confident about my goals completion. Those steps you can find below:

· Consultation;

· Signing an agreement of cooperation;

· Document gathering, other preparations;

· Submitting the documents to the authorized body;

· Taking an oath;

· EU passport obtainment;

· Relocating.

I signed an agreement and our cooperation started. Next step was collecting the papers. I gathered my documents and sent them to my lawyers. They checked and translated them. Experts started searching my European relatives’ documents and births certificates in government archives. Lawyers found them in a month. At this point all necessary documents for citizenship appliance were gathered.

It was time to apply for EU citizenship. Laweius specialists visited Upravna Enota (Ministry of Justice of Slovenia) to submit my documents. Their support was indispensable. For the next 5 months they worked to get the government's consent. Laweius experts called me every time they received new results, informing me about the current situation and progress in the repatriation process.

Lastly, my application was accepted, and I passed the oath-taking ceremony. Laweius lawyers assisted me in EU passport and internal documents obtainment. Experts advised me on how to relocate easier and that is when our cooperation was finished.


Working with Laweius experts gave me a great personal experience. The specialists helped me obtain European citizenship and did all the hard work for me. From the first consultation until I moved to the EU, I was confident in their work. My goal was to open a sports equipment store in Europe, last month I did it. Now I have my own store in Celje, Slovenia. My income has increased significantly and all thanks to this company. The reviews about Laweius proved to be true about their services. Everything went according to plan, and I was more than satisfied with the result. I am very grateful to them for their work. I would like to recommend this company to you as well. As I have seen from my own experience, Laweius is a reliable migration agency. It can help anyone save their time and money in obtaining EU citizenship, as it helped me.