HDP's imprisoned former chair Selahattin Demirtaş gave an interview to Artı Gerçek's Mehveş Evin in Edirne Prison; here are outstanding statements from his interview: "HDP's call for an early election is legitimate and correct. From now on it is important to grow the democratic struggle that will actually fulfill this demand. The HDP must present this call to the public with strong and convincing arguments. So, the HDP's goal is not to stop dismissal of elected mayors and appointment of trustees at this point but present a solution to the root cause of all the problems. HDP is based around the democratic principles and must be ready for a grand alliance with all groups, show that it is ready to participate in the governance of the country. It is important to fight against fascism but it is more significant to present a viable alternative that will create the era after fascism ends. HDP should leave behind the rhetorics of demanding a solution from a governing block for the problems it represents but state that it is actually going to resolve the problems of society. It does not concern us what may or may not happen within the AKP in the coming period. It is already a political-corpse that has exhausted itself and lost its vision completely. Genuine constituents of AKP have already departed from the AKP. Who remains are only the loyalists of one-man that look out for their profits and benefits. The newly emerging groups will not only divide the AKP into three but also vacuum all its social base & support. The newly emerging alternatives are also not certain whether or not they will present a viable alternative. We will all closely monitor. Looking at all the developments, all parts of the society should be holding hands in shared belief in democratic and peaceful resolution of our problems. In the process of extending democratic rights, radicalization and polarization must be left aside, and all segments of the society must be united around the basic principles for the widest possible social contract. I am certain that the HDP will be a significant constituent of such a social solidarity movement."