A collective bargaining agreement was signed between dokuz8NEWS and the Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS). While the wages were increased by 20 percent for the first year and an additional 3 percent to inflation for the second year, social rights were secured as well.

The unionization process of TGS in dokuz8NEWS resulted in a collective bargaining agreement. While the number of media institutions with which TGS has signed a collective bargaining agreement increased to 11, employees gained important rights with the agreement that will be effective as of February 1, 2021.


In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement signed with the participation of TGS Chair Gökhan Durmuş and TGS Secretary-General İlkay Akkaya, employees are entitled to an annual leave allowance of 250 Turkish Liras. Besides, a half gold coin will be given to the employees who have completed 5 years. Marriage, birth, death, and education benefits are granted as well. With the contract, one day of menstrual leave for each month, and birthday leave are granted to all employees.


While the provisions of collective bargaining agreement include taking necessary positive discrimination measures to prevent discrimination against young, old, women, immigrants, LGBTI+ and disabled workers, dokuz8NEWS has committed to take necessary measures to implement gender equality in the workplace and to prevent discrimination based on being a woman and/or having a child.