During the August 30 Victory Day March in Kırşehir, police prevented main opposition CHP representatives. During the quarrel, police kicked CHP Kırşehir deputy Dr. Metin İlhan.

CHP was blocked by police during the Victory Day March, on the 98th anniversary of the Grand Victory won against the invasion forces during Turkey's Independence War fought after the World War 1. During the Victory Day march, CHP members chanted slogans "we are the soldiers of Atatürk" as police intervened against them with the barricades. CHP members reacted to the barricade saying "the barricades that were not put in place against those who burned the Gül Bookstore, are now being laid in front of the Victory Day celebration."


During the police intervention, CHP Kırşehir deputy Dr. Metin İlhan was kicked by the police. Dr. İlhan confirmed the kick as CHP Ankara deputy Yıldırım Kaya said "Kırşehir Governor and all other officials that banned the celebration of Turkey's grand victory must apologize to the people."


During a TV interview on Halk TV, Dr. İlhan said "our only demand was to light up our torches, march to the square to observe August 30 Victory Day, and the police chiefs, deputy chiefs permitted this. After we passed the security line, then started the police violence. It seems the police has been given strict orders; this cannot happen! We were there only as 3-4 people, I had previously talked to the governor too. Everyone needed this celebration to talk place; previously people were prevented from celebrating April 23 National Sovereignty Day and May 19 Youth & Sports Day due to curfew measures. We wanted to observe August 30 Victory Day... I have been a doctor for many years, I was the one to check and treat the children of our police and guard friends. Why so violent? This saddens me..."


Previously on September 5, 2015 following the "anti-terror march", local HDP offices in Kırşehir was raided by the march-goers; afterwards the angry mob assaulted Gül Bookstore and burned the building. On the same evening as CHP deputy Dr. Metin İlhan was kicked by the police, another opposition member of parliament was violently assaulted in Istanbul.