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Ministry of Interior authorized with division of the country into administrative zones

After transition to executive presidential system with declaration of the Presidential Cabinet, Ministry of Interior has been authorized to divide the country into administrative zones.
Authorization & duties of the ministries have been updated with start of the executive presidential system. After the change of regime and presidential victory of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on June 24, Süleyman Soylu was rumored to not be included in the next cabinet. The government had refused to comment on the rumors; Soylu was appointed as a minister on July 9th again.
Administrative Zones
Ministry of Interior has been authorized to present the President with advise on internal policy, evaluation of the general and specific condition of provinces & cities, and division of the country into administrative zones and restructuring of the general administration of provinces & cities.
Directorate of Conflict-Prevention
General Directorate of Public Order & Security which had been initiated during the Kurdish Peace Process has been shut down; General Directorates of Global & Humanitarian Affairs and Conflict-Prevention & Crisis-Management have been established as part of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
State Theatre Abolished
With the Presidential Executive Decree No: 1, State Theatre and State Opera & Ballet have been abolished. With the decree, the State Theatre and State Opera & Ballet’s personnel’s law has been changed, budgets have been cancelled and properties have been transferred to the Presidential oversight. The two institutions might have their status as general directorate as part of a ministry. Development Agencies have also been transferred to Ministry of Industry & Technology, while State Railways has been renamed as Railway Coordination General Directorate.
President to Decide on Price of Medicine
There have also been made some regulatory changes in the health sector. The regulation governing the price of medicine will be decided by the President upon Ministry of Health’s counseling. Retirement process of teachers will also be scheduled for June & July of each year; retirement in other periods of the year will depend on the number of personnel applying for a pension and number of need for teachers in the regions.
For the undersecretaries that have been abolished with the regulations, vice-ministers will be appointed. Ministries can appoint experts depending on their field and at most 15 consultants.