57 million voters in Turkey are heading to the polls today to cast their vote and elect mayors and municipal councillors as well as community chiefs in 30 metropols, a total of 81 provinces consisting of 922 cities and 386 towns. 8.270 nominees are running for 1389 mayor seats.

Polling station boards took an oath: "I swear, without any pressure and fearing no one, to ascertain the complete and correct results of the election in conformity with the law, upon my honor, my conscience, and all that is sacred to me" The local elections on 31 March mean extra income for 2 million people. Polling clerks receive a remuneration of between ₺110 and ₺496, payable within 3 months from the election. In the municipal elections, 1 million 156.000 people reaching the age of 18 will vote for the first time. According to Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, 53.099 naturalized Syrians have the right to vote as well. Istanbul Governorship announced, in Istanbul electoral region consisting of 39 districts, there will be 454 ballot boxes with 1 being mobile for a total of 132.784 voters in gendarme zone and 30.670 ballot boxes with 155 being mobile for 10 million 260.748 voters in Istanbul. dokuz8NEWS Election Watch Centre is ready with a network of 800 citizen journalists and 120 journalists from across Turkey and will be presenting the results from especially the most critical cities instantly... You may follow the latest developments on dokuz8NEWS' twitter and telegram channels.