2018 Report on Household Informatics Technologies Habits has been released by Turkish Statistical Institute revealing details on the numbers regarding Turkish users internet usage habits.
The behavioral study behind the report covers the period between April 2017 and March 2018 with latest statistical numbers being from April 2018. According to the report, individuals aged between 16-74 have 59.6% computer usage while internet access has 72.9% penetration in the society. In 2017 these numbers were 56.6% for computer usage and 66.8%  internet access.  While 68.4% of the men use computer, 50.6% of the women do so. In internet usage men’s access is 80.4%, women’s is 65.5%. 'We Are Social' 2018 report had revealed that only 67% of the population in Turkey has internet access. CAPACITY FOR INTERNET CONNECTION INCREASES According to the report, 83.8% of Turkish households have capacity for connection to internet as of April 2018, increasing from 80.7% in 2017; while 82.5% of households can have broadband capacity if they sign up for a contract.  The report also reveals that 45.6% of individuals have used state services in the 12 month period of the report, increasing from 42.4%. In the same period 29.3% of the internet users have ordered products or services online, engaging in e-commerce; 33.6% of men and 25% of women have used e-commerce services, the report stated.