Democratic civil society initiatives, labour & professional chambers have announced foundation of Election Justice Platform with a press conference in Turkey's capital, Ankara. The platform has been established to reflect the will of the people on the results on June 24 early elections in Turkey, without any suspicion or worry.

[mks_dropcap style="letter" size="52" bg_color="#ffffff" txt_color="#000000"]T[/mks_dropcap]he Election Justice Platform has announced “our goal is to sustain election results to reflect what the people have voted for exactly, without any changes or suspicion, and to guarantee an atmosphere of justice and safety regarding elections. We have united our forces to reach this goal which we believe is shared by every one of 56 million voters.” In the manifestation, election justice has been deemed as utterly important, stating “we believe that this initiative till encourage our citizens to go and vote in peace and safety, a first in the political history of our country.”

The precautions that will be taken on the day of elections has been listed as follows:

-All political parties, professional chambers, democratic civil initiatives as part of Election Justice Platform are cooperating for balloting committees across the country, not leaving any single ballot-box unobserved. -We will make sure the hundreds of thousands of officers and observers who will be trained before the elections, will be ready at the balloting committees on the day of voting. In every possible place, we will be together but there will definitely be some people in places where others can not. We will be present around every ballot-box in Turkey, to make sure the voters’ will is reflected on the election results without any suspicion & worry. -Supreme Electoral Board has decided to relocate the ballot boxes in 18 provinces across Eastern & Southeastern Anatolian regions, combining the ballot boxes that impacts more than 150 thousand voters’ registration, making it harder for them to access voting stations, increasing suspicions about election safety and outcome. Even though ballot boxes are relocated, we will reclaim the ballot boxes across the country and take necessary precautions to ensure access to voting stations and election safety. We will work tirelessly to ensure officials and responsible personnel to make sure they do their duty and we will triple the number of our personnel around relocated ballot boxes. -We will assume duty on every ballot box across Turkey to the fullest, within the framework of legal observation, control and supervision, with all our observers and balloting committee members. -All personnel & observers that will participate in this organisation will fulfil the duties they hold within the framework of our shared technological and logistical infrastructure. -On the day of elections, thousands of lawyers across the country, balloting committee members, observers, voting station officers will cooperate closely. -We will instantly publish the election results in real time as ballots are being counted in the Common Press & Communications Centre that we will establish in Ankara. We will not allow manipulation of election results through media coverage.

Calling on Solidarity “One of us will be all of us… We call on all voters to reclaim their rights and use them to the fullest, reclaim the ballot boxes and support us. Do not underestimate the power of one ballot, one vote; the vote you will cast might change the fate of the country, do not forget this, come and cast your vote. Now, apply any political party that you feel close to, or a civil initiative conducting election monitoring & observation. Even though you do not hold an official position on the day of election, as a citizen you have the right to stand around the ballot box you have cast your vote at and observe the counting process; no matter what happens, do not leave the ballot boxes. Before, during and after the voting, follow our statements; help us spread the information.” ‘Their Vote is Our Vote’ Finally the statement followed “do not forget that election justice can only be achieved through your presence and participation. We will reclaim the ballot boxes for all the citizens whomever they vote for; their vote is our vote.”

Constituents of the Election Safety Platform are as follows; Republican People’s Party CHP IYI Party Saadet Party Peoples’ Democratic Party HDP Labour Party Confederation of Progressive Labour Unions Confederation of Public Office Labourers Unions Atatürkist Thought Association United for Democracy DIB Ballot-box Power Not Without You Election Process Councils We are the Motherland United June Movement My Vote is Safe Rights & Justice Liberty Movement