Two people in the province of Van were reported to have been thrown off a helicopter while under detention. Osman Şiban, one of the detainees received a doctor's report that stated "wounded after getting thrown off a helicopter". The other detainee Servet Turgut lost his life today.

On September 11 two men named Osman Şiban (50) and Servet Turgut (55) were detained and a couple of days later they were hospitalized at the ICU of Van Regional Training & Research Hospital. The reason for hospitalization had been claimed as "falling off a helicopter" and the doctor's reports confirmed the incident. Mesopotamia News Agency reporter Cemil Uğur published the epicrisis report belonging to Osman Şiban on September 17 which stated his condition as "wounded after getting thrown off a helicopter". In the hospital report it had been mentioned "falling from a height" and further clarified "security personnel notified the 112 ER personnel who brought him to the hospital after falling from a height."


Şiban received the initial treatment at the Emergency Service after falling from height. Originally on September 11 Şiban was taken to a private hospital by soldiers and without citing any reference to throwing him off a helicopter it was stated in the report that Şiban's condition is "mildly bad" adding that "both his eyes were swollen and bruised, further bruises and swelling could be seen on his head, neck, face due to trauma, also he was puking blood." [caption id="attachment_80501" align="aligncenter" width="690"] Osman Şiban[/caption] After Şiban's condition pointed towards hospitalization at the ICU, he was transferred to Van Regional Training & Research Hospital. The other detainee Servet Turgut whose vital condition continued for days, also received a doctor's report after being brought to the hospital by soldiers. At the Van Regional Training & Research Hospital Turgut was registered as "anonymous patient brought in after falling from height, intubated." After Şiban and Turgut were hospitalized, it had been claimed that "falling from a height" information was submitted by the soldiers who brought them to the hospital unconscious.


Peoples' Democratic Party HDP deputy Murat Sarısaç made a statement concerning the two wounded men. Sarısaç said "we have had a conversation with the families of the two men. Servet Turgut and Osman Şiban who had been working on their fields were beaten by the soldiers and detained, put in a helicopter and for two days no news of them appeared anywhere. After pressure from the families, they learned that the two men were in Van Regional Training & Research Hospital, one unconscious at the ICU and other conscious and hospitalized. According to the witness statements, the two men were thrown off a helicopter. Whether they were thrown or now, here is the situation... When two men were in their fields, in their villages, they were brought to the condition of ICU treatment by soldiers after getting beaten."


Osman Şiban's house was raided by the police on September 22 in the early hours of the day and was taken to a military hospital forcefully upon orders from the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. While Şiban was suffering from memory loss due to trauma, his testimony could not have been taken earlier.


After a 20 day struggle in the ICU, Servet Turgut lost his life on September 30. Previously the father of seven had been beaten and put on a helicopter by soldiers, thrown off the helicopter while working on his field at Van's Beytüşşebap at the Çığlıca Village on Yoğurtlu Rural Area. [caption id="attachment_83245" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Servet Turgut[/caption]