It was found out that real estate ownership of Qataris were not limited to Qatari Emirate’s mother Şeyha Moza’s land property routed at Canal Istanbul. Qataris bought 795.000 square meter of real property during AKP administration.

According to the report of Hüseyin Şimşek from Birgün Daily, apart from the 44 acres of land bought by Qatari Emirate’s mother Şeyha Moza the real estate ownership came close to that of Yalova province of Turkey in terms of size. The real properties owned by the Qataris during the AKP administration, with just 3.000 square meters stood behind to that of Yalova province which is 798.000 square meters in terms of size. Parliment member of People’s Republican Party Sezgin Tanrıkulu, in his parlementary question that he presented to the Grand Naitonal Assembly of Turkey with a request of the Minister of Environment & Urbanization Murat Kurum to answer it,  asked the real properties of those who live in Arabic countries. Murat Kurum who answered the parliamentary question of Tanrıkulu, informed that Qataris who do not have any purchase transaction since 2003 owned 795.552 square meters of property in total. Reporting that Qataris owned 198 pieces of real property, Kurum also stated that the total square measure of the real properties were 489.901 square meters. Also underlining that the Qatari citizens bought 1.884 pieces of “sovereign areas” Minister Kurum, described that the total square measure of these areas were 305.651 square meters and these purchase transactions were made by 1.592 different individuals.


Minister Kurum, clarified that in Turkey individuals with Arab background bought mostly real estates in Istanbul. According to the information given by Kurum, Arabs owned real estates in 59 provinces. While the lands they owned reached 2 million 504 square meters in Istanbul; In Ankara 393.000 square meters, In Izmir 32.000 square meters, In Eskişehir 423.000 square meters of land were bought. While the ownerships of lands, In Bursa amounting to 1 million and 174.000 square meters, In Sakarya amounting to 1 million and 93.000 square meters, In Kocaeli amounting to 940.000 meters, In Manisa amounting to 607.000 square meters changed.


According to the data of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, the majority of 3.336 pieces of real property that Turkey sold to foreigners went to Iraqis. 19.256 Iraqi citizens in total, bought 1 million 503.272 square meters of estate from Turkey. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia shone out in terms of the sizes of the estates. The square measure of the estates sold to the 8.250 individuals of Saudi Arabia origin became 3 million 408.555 square meters. While, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq became the top three countries of estate ownership, Qatar became the fourth and United Arab Emirates became the fifth country with 649.890 square meters of estate. Translated by Nevzat Ahrar