Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Imamoğlu, explained why the canal project should be cancelled with a press conference where he addressed the construction of "Crazy Project" in 15 clauses explain...

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Imamoğlu, explained why the canal project should be cancelled with a press conference where he addressed the construction of "Crazy Project" in 15 clauses explaining why he is against it as an Istanbulite.

During the press conference that was organised by Imamoğlu, the mayor told that if the project is constructed, both underground and aboveground resources would be destroyed in the city as well as causing naval problems for all countries that have a coastline on the Blacksea.The 15 clauses that Imamoğlu argues against with the project, are as such:1- Terkos Lake and Sazlıdere Dam will be destroyed2- It will amplify the impact of an earthquake3- Istanbul’s environment will be murdered4- History will be pillaged5- A new taxation of ₺100 billion will arrive6- An extra ₺23 Billion cost will be burdening the Municipality7- It is a delusional revenue expectation8- Traffic jam will be doubled9-  50 year old excavation10- 1,2 million new population11- Imprisoning 8 million people to an artificial island12- To see delusional dreams of Montreux Treaty13- Fishing will be eradicated14- Spirituality will be eradicated15- It is to dislike this nation


Metropolitan Mayor Imamoğlu told that “No politician not having distanced itself from logical, resonable realities would support the construction of this project while the world is discussing such risks and global warming”.Stating that the scientific reports disclosed the possible disasters if the project is constructed, “The biggest risk is the salty water that is to be mixed with the Terkos Lake. Terkos Lake and basin is a storage field for Istanbul. This immense water source will be eradicated” Imamoğlu explained.


Explaining “Priority of millions, not a handful of people is my concern”, Imamoğlu asserted that the floor level of the 5.2 kilometer canal to be construced is completely lime and it will be mixed with the Terkos Lake’s salty water. Imamoğlu also adding that Sazlıdere Dam will be dismissed, he stated that Istanbul will face a serious water shortage. “427 million square meters of drinkable water will be discarded. This means sustained chronic water shortage. The only risk here is not only the water shortage. It is also a disaster in terms of strategy and security. With the project, 23 million square meter of green spaces will be destroyed” he added.Imamoğlu underlining the risk of earthquake:“Canal Istanbul means for sure triggering the risk of earthquake. It is murder even speaking of this canal, while the risk of life losses and earthquake awaits. Such changes are made nightly to the reports that the fault line can also change! When the 20 year old data is investigated, the construction that will be done along the canal route carries a huge risk for Istanbul. Unfortunately, the floor level is fit for landslides. Many geometric problems are present.The project is in the first, second and third areas of earthquake. Also the North Anatolian fault line is passing from 11 kilometer distance. There are three narrow fault lines in Küçükçekmece Lake. Scientists tell that Canal Istanbul will reveal the aboveground and underground tensions”.



“Canal Istanbul means murdering Istanbul’s environment forever. Moreover, it means murdering it by spending quadrillions. You will waste our national and strategic water resources. You will leave Istanbul without water. Then how will you damage the environment? In the animation showed by Mr. President, they have lined the skyscrapers that we cannot even count the floors around in line”.


“Some look at those farming lands and call them beautiful, some look at skyscrapers and call them beautiful. Still insisting on concrete and illegal income. In the EIA, structuring is never mentioned. Who are you trying to decieve? Proposed EIA never answers the possible environmental risks that these structures may cause. We may have a tradition of being deceived but you cannot decieve the public, we are here. They have made a report as if no structures will be made in the region”.


“Canal Istanbul means pilaging the history of Istanbul. It is such a thing that the protection of the historic structure is told as a necessity. By showing certain accidents, as references, as a reason, it is told that the Bosphorus traffic will be eased. Look at the excuse. As claimed in the application folder of EIA, compared with the latest years, there is not a rise in the Bosphorus traffic. In the last 10 years, there is a %22 decrease”.Translated by Nevzat Ahrar