06.08.2019, 12:19

Gastronomy Festival at Gaziantep

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Fatma Şahin, gathered with sector representatives before the 2nd International Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival (GastroAntep) which will be held September 12-15, 2019. At the meeting, opinions, requests and suggestions of sector representatives were received and a general evaluation was made about the festival.

Gaziantep is listed in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s in the field of gastronomy among 116 cities in the Creative Cities Network, and is the first city representing Turkey, has been focused on the International Gaziantep Gastronomy in September 2019. Under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality, and coordination of Gaziantep Governorship, in cooperation with the Gaziantep Development Foundation (GAGEV), the city convened for the second GastroAntep Festival to be one of the most important gastronomy centers of the world, gathered around metropolitan mayor Şahin.


Şahin, who received the ideas of the sector representatives at the meeting also with the participation of Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül at the Conference Hall of the Metropolitan Municipality, has started her speech by reminding the words of Ahi Evran “The ones wish patience with truth are with us. The ones getting ahead of us by practicing with science, wisdom, and morality are with us.”Şahin stated that “we are representatives of Ahi Evran as a city. You work with this spirit, this belief, and this effort. If we managed to talk here, it is your success. Each of you has a success story of 3 or 4 generations. Nothing is a coincidence. Elmacı Bazaar does not happen by itself. There is your sweat in the color, smell, and flavor of the place. Bakırcılar Bazaar does not happen by itself. When we look at each of them, there is a lot of labor. Today, our adventure of UNESCO has not happened by itself. There is a complete chain from hoteliers, travel agencies, drivers, coffee shops and organized chambers. We have to evaluate the point very well that we have reached. Under the presidency of our Governor, we worked scientifically with the Gaziantep Development Foundation on the risks and opportunities of our city and the motto 'where the world is going and what we should do.' Surely, it is a great honor to serve the city where we were born. Yet, one of our most important fields of duty is 'where the world goes, what we should do and should not do.' We have to ensure the sustainability and favorably of the second International Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival, which will be held for the second time this year. Here, Gaziantep will be the winner, Anatolia will be the winner and Turkey will be the winner.”In company with a presentation, Şahin, who narrates the importance of the GastroAntep Festival to the local economy to the representatives of the sector, also stated that Gaziantep is not a unique city with its cuisine but also with its cultural heritage.Metropolitan Mayor of Gaziantep Fatma Şahin, recalled that at the 1st International Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival more than 250 thousand visitors came also world-famous and Michelin-starred chefs have interpreted the cuisine of Gaziantep.Şahin who narrates “other cities are also speaking of Gastronomy Festivals, but this kind of a large organization can only be succeeded in Gaziantep,” adding “other cities talk, Gaziantep does.”Governor of Gaziantep, Davut Gül thanked all the participants in the meeting and stated that they will consider the proposals. Gül said "gastronomy tourism is a development model and so the festival will contribute to the entire industrial sector based on food even also a village farmer."The meeting was ended after the evaluation for the festival by Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry, Union of Chambers of Merchants and Craftsmen, Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and relevant representatives of non-governmental organizations.


GastroAntep Festival will meet with interested people, with the corporate sponsorship of Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Union of Municipalities of Turkey, Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and Ipekyolu Development Agency. World-famous Michelin-starred chefs, famous pastry chefs, UNESCO gastronomic cities, local and foreign press representatives, Turkey’s gastronomy professionals, universities, gourmets, Gaziantep agricultural producers and representatives of Gaziantep cuisine of Turkey in different areas will get together at the festival. Within the scope of the festival, tours, museum visits, panels and seminars, workshops, shows, workshops for women and children, concerts and many entertaining events will be organized for the guests. Michelin-starred chefs will organize workshops using only local products. The world’s only gastronomy competition with only local products, “Local Chef,” will be held at the festival. The festival will become a platform where Gaziantep’s gastronomic culture and agri-food products are opened to the World.Translated by Atakan Hüyük


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