A former member of parliament from the governing Justice & Development Party AKP, Muhammed Murtaza Yetiş is revealed to have been promoted as general manager at Turkish Red Crescent's Health Co. receiving a monthly wage of 30.000 TL.

Former AKP Adıyaman deputy Muhammed Murtaza Yetiş who had previously been appointed as the Chief of Medicine at Turkish Red Crescent's hospital in Istanbul's Kartal, is now also revealed to have been appointed as general manager of Health Co. a company also belonging to Turkish Red Crescent. Following the Turkish Red Crescent turning into a holding and establishing multiple commercial companies within its structure under the name of Turkish Red Crescent Investment Holding, the CEO of the holding İlyas Haşim Çakmak has appointed multiple people to new positions. Journalist İsmail Arı of BirGün Daily has published an article based on the documents signed by CEO İlyas Haşim Çakmak, appointed former AKP deputy Muhammed Murtaza Yetiş as general manager of Turkish Red Crescent Health Co. as of June 1, 2021. The former general manager of the company, Metin Tunç was appointed as the advisor to the head of Turkish Red Crescent Investment Co. executive board.


According to the scala of wages at the Turkish Red Crescent, the former general manager of Health Co. Metin Tunç was paid 24.397 TL a month in 2019. In the two years that have passed since his wage was noted in the documents, the general manager wage has been hiked by 20% and reached 30.000 TL. The officials from Turkish Red Crescent refused to comment on the payments made to general managers of the companies within the institution, when approached by BirGün Daily.


Turkish Red Crescent Health Co. general manager Yetiş's wife, Sema Kopuz-Yetiş also holds three seats within the Turkish Red Crescent as well. Kopuz-Yetiş is the local chairperson of Turkish Red Crescent's Ankara Body, as well as member of the Turkish Red Crescent Supervisory Board and a board member of the Turkish Red Crescent Maintenance Co. Furthermore, Kopuz-Yetiş is also a member of Women & Democracy Foundation KADEM, where the daughter of AKP chair & President Erdoğan, Sümeyye Erdoğan-Bayraktar is the vice-president.