In a statement issued by Adana Labor & Democracy Forces it has been said that “in the last 4 months, corruption and wastes made by appointed trustees of the past period has been revealed one by one and the public has seen the ugly truth of the government. This has been the most feared thing.”

With a decision of the Ministry of Interior, the elected co-mayors of the Peoples’ Democratic Party HDP in Diyarbakır, Mardin, and Van were dismissed and the governors of the same provinces were assigned as trustees and a protest in Adana was also held followed by a press statement at the HDP Adana local headquarters by the Adana Labor & Democracy Forces. Local branch chairperson of Adana Human Rights Association İlhan Öngör, read the press statement on behalf of the institutions. Güngör stated that " Justice & Development Party AKP government who said ‘the one comes with the elections leaves with the elections’ did not keep this promise, but has declared their unlawful intentions by saying ‘even if they won, we will assign a trustee again’ before the 31st March elections which they stood behind this promise and made the unlawfulness they declared, deforcing the will of the people, and assigning trustees instead of legitimate representatives of the people who came through election.”


Statement followed “the reasons for the dismissal and appointment of trustees of the Ministry of Interior are in contradiction with the eligibility criteria approved by the Supreme Electoral Council. The decommissioning and seizure operation carried out a few days ago, is clearly a violation of the Constitution and is an operation to seize the municipalities with anti-democratic laws and powers that government could not capture by elections. The municipalities that were previously unjustly transferred to the trustees were taken from the trustees with the will of the people and delivered to the real representatives of the people. During the 4-month period, corruption and wastes made by the trustees of the past period revealed one by one and the public has seen the ugly truths of the government. This has been the most feared thing”. It has been said that “Turkey, allegedly with the constitutional changes made by April 16 referendum, but now the Turkish-style executive presidential system, the judiciary and the legislative bodies were inactivated, separation of powers system which was said to slow down the government has been abolished, and switched to a one-man totalitarian regime. It is due to the lack of an accountable management approach on the basis of these anti-democratic practices that we live nowadays. March 31 elections were held in an environment where the judiciary and legislative power were pacified and the government was trying to suppress the opposition with all of its anti-democratic practices, but nevertheless, it has suffered great election losses against the will of the people. The government, which has not been able to digest this, has unlawfully taken away the certificates of election of elected mayors and councilors by the suppressed Supreme Electoral Council.”


There is no sustainable possibility for the unifying, polarizing state and government mentality against the pluralist democracy with years of oppression, coercion, security policies over the Kurdish political movement,” said the statement adding “ the problem is not only the problem of appointing a trustee to HDP municipalities. The problem is a democracy problem. It is a coup against our will, whose allegation is to live together brotherly and free. The only way to solve Turkey’s chronic political, social and economic problems is implementing the human rights law unexceptionally and establishing peace and democracy. This coup against the will of the people has been a heavy strike to democracy. We as Adana Labor & Democracy Forces, urge the government to abandon the intervention of these unlawful appointment of trustees and to reinstate elected mayors and we are calling for all democratic forces against this interference by the political power: Opposing the trustee means protecting our own will, democracy, peace, and our future. We call in here once more, we do not accept this coup against our democracy, we want to say that we will continue to our struggle against this lawlessness.” Read the first article: "Appointed Trustees Replace Elected HDP Co-Mayors, Again" Translated by Atakan Hüyük