Actor Barış Atay has been detained in his apartment this morning upon columnist Ahmet Hakan's piece calling on authorities to "put him in his place" following Atay's tweet calling for justice for the miners. Atay was officially accused of "inciting people to hatred & violence".
[mks_dropcap style="letter" size="52" bg_color="#ffffff" txt_color="#000000"]B[/mks_dropcap]arış Atay had tweeted saying "you will all apologize in tears. When the day comes we will not forget those that did not put them on trial, that pardoned them and those who have pity on them. This is yet the beginning, you will answer to justice."
[caption id="attachment_11725" align="alignright" width="300"] Yusuf Yerkel, Prime Ministerial Advisor[/caption] Atay's reaction had come after an apology by Prime Ministerial advisor Yusuf Yerkel who was kicking a relative of a miner that had lost his life in Soma Mining Massacre, where 301 miners had been buried alive after a mine had collapsed due to inefficient safety measures. Yerkel had issued an apology on his social media account saying he is deeply sorry and that he had asked and granted forgiveness of the miner's relative, which was later denied by the man who was held down by soldiers and kicked by Yerkel in 2014 May. CHP's presidential candidate Muharrem İnce reminded of Yerkel's kicking a relative of a miner saying "if I do not bring him to justice, consider me a coward."
Lawyer Efkan Bolaç said the accusations against actor Barış Atay are not yet clear by midday as to why actor Atay has been detained yet, asking "since when is it a crime to say 'I do not forgive' or call for justice?" Atay is currently at the police headquarters in Istanbul's Fatih at Vatan Avenue. Thousands of journalists, writers, intellectuals, politicians, actors & actresses, activists and citizens have reacted against Barış Atay's detention with the hashtag #BarışAtayYalnızDeğildir [Barış Atay is not alone].
Later it was announced that Atay was accused of "inciting people to violence & hatred". Atay's mobile phone was confiscated by police for investigation. He was announced to spend the night in police custody, yet close to midnight his lawyer Efkan Bolaç tweeted that he was on his was to pick up Atay from Istanbul Police Headquarters, also adding "Solidarity is everything, let it not be forgotten".
Presidential candidate Muharrem İnce also criticized actor Barış Atay's detention with a house raid, saying "everyone should be able to declare their opinion freely. It does not suit a country that has democratic claims to detain people forcefully for tweeting."
[caption id="attachment_10537" align="alignleft" width="181"] 'Just a Dictator' Poster[/caption] "Ahmet Hakan's message seems to have been received" Barış Atay said after his detention with a house raid at 6 am this morning, at the police headquarters.
Atay had previously also been pressured due to his one-man show "Just a Dictator" in January 2018.