Recently governing AKP's inability to reach the 'Generation Z' has been target of many polls and the outlook looks grim for the party that has ruled Turkey for almost two decades. MAK Polling most recently has revealed the findings of a poll that states only 25% support for AKP among the youth.

MAK Consultancy's owner Mehmet Ali Kulat has participated in a live program where he announced that "Generation Z is a direct threat to the AKP. In the eastern and southeastern regions youth support HDP while in the Aegean and Thrace they opt for CHP." During Gökhan Özbek's 23 Derece program, Kulat stated that in the polls especially in the last 4-5 years AKP has been having problems reaching the younger voters, "there are exceptions of course such as the heartland of Anatolia in the cities of Konya and Kayseri, but overall the youth opt for HDP and CHP at the moment." Kulat said "if there is an election in 2023 and the developments continue on this trend, Generation Z will pose a serious threat for AKP. Because there is a significant level of negativity on the outlook of AKP among this generation."


"The percentage of youth supporting the governing party is not more than 25%. Currently we are working on new polls and we will be able to give a clearer picture soon. This will allow us to see the vision and political linings of the youth instead of vote-share of political parties." "In other words, the youth in Turkey are opposed to the government but they are not in love with the opposition either. Youth in Turkey does not also like the opposition parties that are on the spectrum at the moment. We are seeing a generation that is further detached from politics. They have very different expectations of the politicians."


Kulat continued to comment on the government's recent action converting Hagia Sophia into a mosque and opening it for regular prayers. Kulat said, "this move will not bring more votes for the AKP, this is clear. I am not speaking of a few votes but it will not bring a significant support for the party. In the past if it had happened this could have had an impact on the voters but today this shall have no impact. There is a serious call for conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque but this has existed among the conservatives for a very long time, not just among AKP voters." "In other circles, people are talking about other problems. They are focusing on the problems of economy, justice, social issues and they are calling on the government 'please come down to the level of the people and focus on real issues' they say. So far you cannot hear any one person saying 'how wonderful it is that the Chief is opening Hagia Sophia for prayer'. Whenever people see us on the street they ask 'what will happen to the economy? We were unable to plant seeds on our farms this year' they file their complaints to us."