Appointed Trustees Replace Elected HDP Co-Mayors, Again Appointed Trustees Replace Elected HDP Co-Mayors, Again
As Supreme Electoral Board SEB allowed control of voter registration status by citizens, main opposition Republican People's Party CHP has analyzed the lists which revealed multiple irregularities with the process. While voting population in some cities have been doubled, there are also 6.389 voters registered in the system, between ages of 100 and 165.
The announced lists by SEB reveal worrying data regarding election safety concerns in society. According to the lists, there is registered a voter named Ayşe, without a sirname at the age of 148 as well as a Zülfü at the age of 149, also without a sirname. A total of 6.389 people are registered as voters in the list between ages of 100 and 165. CHP filed a plea to SEB requesting information on the correctness of this list. Cumhuriyet journalist Mahmut Lıcalı wrote that CHP vice chair responsible for IT, Onursal Adıgüzel led a group fo experts to control and analyze the voter registration lists. HIGHEST INCREASE OF VOTERS IS IN ÇANKIRI According to the analysis, it is shown that Çankırı's Orta has experienced the highest increase in terms of voting population. During June 24, 2018 elections, there were a total of 8.379 voters registered in the city while for upcoming March 31 elections SEB has announced names of 16.401 voters in the same city. This shows that over the course of 6 months there has been 95.74% increase in voting population in the city, with 222 people being first-time voters, as well as 4.440 migrating from Istanbul to Orta, in addition to 3.177 migrating from Ankara to the city. ALMOST DOUBLING VOTERS IN ÇAMLIDERE In Ankara's Çamlıdere also the number of voters has increased in the last 6 months. While in June 2018 there were registered 6.561 voters in the city, according to the most recent lists announced by SEB there are 12.493 voters in the city, an increase by 90.41% due to 5.667 voters migrating from Ankara. VOTERS WITHOUT ID NUMBERVOTERS WITHOUT A SIRNAME Apart from voters who do not appear in citizen-registry, there is also listed a 149 year old Zülfü who does not have a sirname but is registered in Şanlıurfa as well as 148 year old Ayşe also without a sirname but registered in Aydın. 6.389 VOTERS OVER THE AGE OF 100 While the person with longest life span in the world is thought to be Jeanne Calment who is thought to have lived 122 years, according to SEB's list of voter registration there are 6.389 people living in Turkey between ages of 100 and 165 who are eligible to vote in upcoming municipal elections. Moreover, majority of them are listed as above the age of 120. MISSING REGISTERED VOTERS Even though there are thousands of registered voters being listed that almost double voting population in some cities and marking voters above the age of 150, there are also 923.796 voters whose registration have been cancelled between June 24, 2018 elections until now. According to SEB statistics, 233.937 of the missing registrations belong to those who have lost their lives in between two elections, 205.630 have been cancelled due to ongoing military service while 43.278 have been imprisoned. Despite thousands of disappearances being accounted for, there are also 375.107 people who do not appear in residential registration and are listed as 'disappeared'. It is a method used by some people in order to avoid confiscation of their property. SYRIAN VOTERS Turkey being home to close to 4 million refugees from Syria, 58.364 of them have been approved as voters after being naturalized as citizens. In the upcoming municipal elections, 18.425 Syrian voters will be going to ballot-boxes for the first time and 6.303 are residing in Turkey's southern city Hatay.