Free Journalists Initiative has released a report on the developments targeting media & journalism in Turkey throughout 2018. While 3 journalists have been given life sentences, 112 journalists were given a total of 547 years prison sentences.
The report cites Reporters Without Borders' Press Freedom Index where Turkey marks 157th position from among 180 countries. Moreover, International Press Institute's report states that Turkey has shut down almost 170 newspapers, magazines, radios, TVs and caused disemployment of 3.320 journalists since July 15, 2016 coup attempt.
141 journalists detained 64 journalists arrested 7 journalists subjected to investigation 71 journalists taken to court 521 journalists appeared in court 121 journalists sentenced to prison & fines 112 journalists sentenced to a total of 546 years 9 months 20 days in prison 3 journalists sentenced to life imprisonment 6 journalists sentenced to pay 40.000 Turkish Liras of fine 2 TV stations fined 1 million 80.000 TL 1 TV station given 5 programmes ban 1 TV station given advertisement ban 14 news agencies & internet news portals have been blocked by Information and Communication Technologies Authority 1.954 press cards cancelled between January 2016 and November 2018 4 press publication outlets shut down 1 newspaper & 1 printin house taken over by appointed trustees 1 journalist deported 4 news outlets raided by police 54 journalists fired / resigned 1 journalist murdered 42 journalists released from prison 171 journalists welcomed new year in prison