12 hours ago
CHP local chair in Malatya's Akçadağ, Ali Aslan who had announced his resignation, has withdrawn his resignation.
13 hours ago
DSP has nominated theatre actress Güven Hokna for Istanbul's Üsküdar Municipality.
14 hours ago
Spectator ban on #Amedspor has been lifted after 64 games.
14 hours ago
IYI Party's Mersin nominee who could not be nominated due to late submission of documents, has been nominated under Democrat Party banner.
14 hours ago
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Voters’ mobility from 2014 to 2019 in Turkey: Ordinary pace of life or preparation for electoral fraud? by @ramadura & @metinbelgesi with @sebla_kucuk's translation
14 hours ago
Independent nominee for Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Reyhan Başaran said "we will not brag about the roads & bridges we will build. Municipalities are bound for services already, we know what the labourers need and what they complain of."
15 hours ago
CHP Adana local chair has resigned from his post, "the local board has been ignored when nominations lists were being prepared."